DRD450 Frozen Meat Dicer

Short Description:

The equipment adopts the most advanced three-dimensional cutting technology, which avoids the decline of production rate during cutting meat material when facing extrusion. It can cut the meat quickly without damaging the fiber of the meat. It has reasonable structure and separate changeable knife, which decrease the maintenance cost.

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Technical Data

Type Power (KW) Capacity(kg/h) External Dimension(mm) Dicing Size(mm) Weight(kg)
DRD450 11.75 1500-3000 1775x1030x1380  3-21 600

1. Cutting into slices with size of 2-18mm
2. Cutting into strips with size of 3-15mm, strips with length of 3-150mm
3. Cutting into cubes with size of 3-21mm.
4. The machine is designed with frequency converter; it can alter frequency of 0-50Hz according
to different products and temperature.

Equipment Parts

Motor: WAMF
Oil Seal: EK
Low Voltage Electrical Circuit: Circuit Breaker,AC Contactor, Motor Starter: ABB
Intermediate Relay: REIGN
Switch Power: IDEC
Proximity Switch: P+F
Button Pilot Light: TAYEE
Ⅲ. Application
Frozen meat/ Cooked meat products with hardness
Frozen Fat: -15℃
Frozen Lean Beef: -6℃
Frozen Lean Pork: -8℃
Diced frozen meat products are easy for the packages and distribution.


Brand Temperature
Capacity(t/h) Cube rate
Spare part
and machine
Urschel -16℃-0  2-4 87% 3.2-76.2 1:8
Fam -16℃-0  2-5 87% 3.17~76 1:7
CHENGYE -16℃-0  1.5-3 85% 3~21 1:1.7
Other China Brand 3℃-3  0.5-1.5 70%  5-15 1:3

Working Theory

 DRD450 Frozen Meat Dicer

1. Feeder
2. Adjusting plate thickness
3. Internal Cutter
4. Round Blade
5. Stop feeder
6. Plane Blade

Cutting Effect


Detail Show

Outer sleeve


Transmission Bearing Support

 DRD450 Frozen Meat Dicer
 DRD450 Frozen Meat Dicer
 DRD450 Frozen Meat Dicer

Knife parts

 DRD450 Frozen Meat Dicer
 DRD450 Frozen Meat Dicer
 DRD450 Frozen Meat Dicer

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