JZ-140D Slicer Machine

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JZ-140D Slicer Machine


⒈ Usage

JZ140-D Slicer Machine used to cut the  meat, ribs, sausage and so on into pieces. The accuracy of cutting thickness is set digitally.

2. Technical performance parameter

1) Cutting Thickness:1-30mm set digitally

2)  Dimensions1500×625×1050mm (L x W x H)

3) Infeed size:140mm

4)  Capacity: 500-1000kg/h

5) Power: 1.5KW

6) Weight: 165kg



1) the body of the machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel welded.

2) special cutting knife sharp from German has good cutting effect, which have special German import spareribs cutting knife.

3) digital and accurate slice thickness brings convenient operation.

4)  the cutter is directly connected with reduced electric motor, which make high efficiency power use.

5)  reliable safety measures.

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