CQD500 Vegetable Dicer

Short Description:

The machine can cut various fruits and root/stem vegetables to dice/cubes, strips or slices, such as apple, banana, date, potato, carrot and peanut, etc. Fast working speed and efficiency and high product yield.

Product Detail

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Technical Data

Type Power (KW) Capacity(kg/h) Dicing Size(mm) External Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
CQD500 9.7 5000 3~10 1775x1030x1380 885


1. Three-dimensional cutting principle, and cut vegetables or fruits to slices, strips, or dices continuously, improving production efficiency. Different sizes and shapes can be cut by choosing different knives.
2. Arc-shaped design and one-piece cover design. Vegetable residuals and moisture will not stick to the cutting parts.
3. Dicing vegetables fast in a few seconds so that the vegetables can keep up moisture.

Cutting Effect


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